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John Keells Research

Launched in 2013 the mission of John Keells Research (JKR) - our Group’s R & D and Innovation arm, is to create value through intellectual property for our Group and Sri Lanka. We focus on the core areas of Nanotechnology & advanced materials, Sustainable Energy & Energy Storage, Biotechnology & Synthetic Biology, Food & Water and Physics & Internet of things (IoT).

We have ongoing collaborative research partnerships with the University of Colombo, the National Metallurgical Laboratory of the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR-NML), India and the University of South Carolina, USA. We have also partnered with a number of other Research Institutes and Universities both in Sri Lanka as well as overseas in the past and we continuously strive to build new partnerships.

One of our most significant achievements was in 2016, with the filing of a Patent for a novel energy storage material that was developed through the research project undertaken in collaboration with CSIR-NML, India.
In January 2017 JKR relocated its office and set up a Laboratory at the Technology Incubation Centre at the Nanotechnology & Science Park in Pitipana, Homagama. Through this JKR intends to contribute towards the creation and growth of an ecosystem within the park that could drive Science and Technology based innovation in the country to the next level.
The new Laboratory has also greatly enhanced JKR’s capabilities allowing it to conduct certain projects in-house, thus ensuring sole ownership of Intellectual property by JKH.
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