Treshan - Former JKHMT
Assistant Manager - Supply Chain Development, JayKay Marketing Services (Pvt.) Ltd.
Graduate of University of Nottingham (Malaysia)

"As a JKHMT, I was assigned a project in Supply Chain in the Retail Sector. As my background is in Finance, I had little knowledge about this subject. But with immense support and guidance from the senior management and the mentor assigned to me, I now lead the team that handles Fresh Supply Chain and Demand Planning & Ordering, for all Keells Super outlets."

Cheanthe - Former JKHMT
Assistant Manager - Business Expansion, Cinnamon Hotel Management Ltd.
Graduate of University College London

"During the JKHMT programme, I was involved in many different projects; from being on the set of a ‘Miss Intercontinental’ photoshoot to the trading room of a stock broking firm. It’s a 15 month journey, which helps you find out what you’re truly passionate about."

Russel - Former JKHMT
Manager Marketing – Keells Food Products
Graduate of University of Wales

“During my JKHMT stint at Cinnamon Hotels, I was fortunate to be a part of the core team that drove a world-class culinary experience with judge of MasterChef Australia, George Calombaris. Whilst working with the dynamic Brand Marketing Team at Cinnamon Hotels, I was glad to be a part of a meticulously crafted branding experience.”

Nilusha - Former JKHMT
Vice President, Head of Marketing - Keells
Graduate of University of Colombo

“The retail sector recently took on an exercise to rebrand ‘Keells Super’ and I got the privilege of being in the forefront of this project, to spearhead it from conception to seeing it through to a reality; a journey which was nothing short of amazing!”

Thilina - Former JKHMT
Assistant Vice President – Intellectual Property & Technology Strategy, John Keells Research
Graduate of Iowa State University

“There is always so much going on within the John Keells Group, that exciting new opportunities tend to present themselves. As a JKHMT a few years ago, when the Deputy Chairman first told me about the opportunity at John Keells Research, it sounded so exciting, that while I knew this was going to take me out of the usual JKHMT path, I had decided I wanted in, before that conversation even ended! It was the allure of the ‘road less travelled’ which really made me go for it!”

Nibasanda - Former JKHMT
Assistant General Manager- Union Assurance
Graduate of RMIT University, Melbourne

“Each JKHMT is assigned a mentor from the Senior Leadership at the start of the Programme; my mentor’s informal, open-door policy has helped me obtain guidance whenever I needed it and his style of mentoring inspired and motivated me to pursue my career with more confidence.”

Atif - Former JKHMT
Director Revenue Management – Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts.
Graduate of Monash University

"The JKHMT Programme is probably the best in Sri Lanka due to the opportunity to gain work-experience in the diverse industries the Group companies operate in. The knowledge and exposure I gained, from being placed at 12 different Group companies within 15 months, was amazing!"

Waseem - Former JKHMT
Manager – Brand Marketing Events, Cinnamon Hotel Management Ltd.
Graduate of Monash University Malaysia

"Since I’m from a Finance background, it was a complete change for me to join the Cinnamon Brand Marketing Team, after completing my JKHMT stint. It’s taken me out of my comfort-zone but, it’s been awesome; there’s always something exciting and creative to work on – be it organising an international travel bloggers conference or staging a Broadway musical!"

Wishanth - Former JKHMT
Assistant Vice President - Head of John Keells X
Graduate of University of Colombo

When we were young graduates, we thought we had all the knowledge and skills to succeed in the corporate world; the JKHMT Programme broadens that thinking and helps you identify not only your strengths, but also your weaknesses, while giving you the opportunity to delve into the heart of the Group’s businesses. It’s like an MBA on steroids!”

Sachintha - Former JKHMT
Assistant Manager Marketing – Union Assurance
Graduate of University of Sri Jayewardenepura

“The mentors from the Senior Leadership Team who are assigned to us, during the JKHMT Programme, have a wealth of knowledge to be passed down to us; as JHKMTs, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to browse that knowledge, which is a great value addition to both our professional and personal development.”

Hishan - Former JKHMT
Executive Vice President – Deputy CEO & Chief Operating Officer, Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts
Graduate of University of Moratuwa

“The best thing about the JKHMT Programme, for me, was the diversity. During the 15-month Programme, I worked in Retail, Finance, IT, BPO, Logistics and Leisure. It gave me an understanding of how different businesses worked, which helped me a lot during my career.”

Husnun - Former JKHMT
Manager Fresh Produce – Keells
Graduate of University of Wales

“Ahead of completing the JKHMT Programme, I was offered a position in the Retail Sector, to lead a project, which changed the Retail business, not only within the newly rebranded Keells Super outlets, but also the entire industry in Sri Lanka. The project involved market research, concept development, trials, resource planning, feasibility studies and the roll-out within a period of just 6 months!”

Lasitha – Former JKHMT
Graduate of University of Moratuwa
Manager - Head of Solutions & Delivery, John Keells Logistics (Pvt.) Ltd.
School colours for Hockey, University colours for Hockey & Captain of the University of Moratuwa Hockey team (2013)

“When I joined as a JKHMT, John Keells didn’t have a Hockey team, so when I proposed the idea to the management, they encouraged us. With that support, we went on to win two Mercantile 7s Tournaments in the last three years.”

Lahari - Former JKHMT
Assistant Brand Manager – Frozen Confectionery, Ceylon Cold Stores PLC
Graduate of Staffordshire University

“The mentoring aspect of JKHMT Programme provides a unique opportunity, which gives us a comfortable space with to speak about our career aspirations as well as our personal development goals, directly with a President of the Group. This relationship with our mentors extend beyond the 15 months of the JKHMT programme and we have access to speak to them whenever necessary.”

Anjanie - Former JKHMT
Assistant Manager - Operations, John Keells Properties
Graduate of National School of Business Management
School colours for Swimming, Diving and Water Polo, Captain of the Bishop’s College diving team (2006) & Vice-captain of the Water Polo team (2007)

“Joining John Keells Group has given me the opportunity to get back into competitive swimming, which I find important to maintain a healthy work-life balance.”

Udara - Former JKHMT
Assistant Manager – Promotions & Events, Cinnamon Life
Graduate of University of Sheffield

“Following the JKHMT stint, I joined Cinnamon Life, a company that is instrumental in changing the city landscape and the entertainment sphere of Colombo. It’s given me the opportunity to work on events involving celebrity Chefs and a Broadway musical production! It’s kept me on my toes and made me think out of the box, to achieve international standards in what we deliver.”

Minoshala - Former JKHMT
Assistant Brand Manager – Keells
Graduate of University of Kelaniya
National colours for swimming, University colours for swimming, Badminton, Netball and Athletics,
Games Captain of Methodist College (2011) & Captain of the Methodist College swimming team (2008-2009)

“I’ve been involved in sports - mostly Swimming and Netball, since childhood and continued even at University. Joining John Keells has given me the opportunity to pursue sports at Inter-company and Mercantile tournaments, which is great, as it not only about being able to still actively participate in sports, but it’s also a fun way of getting to know my colleagues from the different companies within the Group!”

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